About Lof

LOF BVBA is a dynamic company specialized in the development of logistics projects/processes in the logistic and petrochemical industry. We work with very experienced and highly qualified experts who put their knowledge into practice on a daily basis.

LOF BVBA works based on detailed customization. For each company domestically and/ or international, we individually look for a suitable partnership.

Under the heading “we are more than just a consultant” we want to guide companies within our field of expertise in providing total solutions! Thanks to this personalized and detailed cooperation, the customer takes in a central position and can fully focus on their own core business.

Our services include the following subjects:

  • Projects in logistics management.
  • Support in the development and construction of new various logistics terminals and/ or upgrading of existing logistical centres.
  • Development and implementation of detailed supply chain processes to intermodal, short- and deep-sea modalities.
  • General business development.
  • General advice on logistic improvement processes
  • Reach/ only representative
  • Professional competence for national- and international freight transport.
  • ...

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for all-round consultants.
With pleasure and interest, we review and reply to all your questions.

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