Consultancy implementation

General business development.
General advice on logistic improvement processes
Reach/only representative.
Professional competence for national and international freight transport.

As a professional partner, LOF BVBA can also act for you within these sub-aspects;

Companies preceded you when they took us on board to investigate and further develop new interesting business cases. These files can be of different nature and are not always situated in our strict field of experience.

Our background, on the other hand, helps us each time to define the essences in their entirety and therefore to report correctly within the spirit of the assignment.


Is a certain (logistics) process in your organisation not going well and would you like the advice of an independent company/consultant within this context?
No problem, we are ready for you!

Everyone talks about it. REACH is a European Union regulation adopted to better protect human health and the environment from the risks that chemical products can pose. At the same time, reach will improve the competitiveness of the EU chemicals industry. The implementation of the reach trajectory for a specific article/product within an organisation is not easy and is usually very time-consuming. In this process, LOF BVBA can also offer a helping hand to unravel the tangle and give advice where necessary.

With national and international expertise in the transport of goods by road, recognition as an expert for running a modern transport company is no problem.

In the framework of a thorough consultancy assignment, LOF BVBA can actually manage your transport company on a daily basis. Do you have plans to start up a new transport company or are you already an established value but are you looking for a dynamic partner to lead your transport company with the necessary permits and advice, then we are ready for you again!

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